les and jeff

Les Johnson has been on a quest since childhood, a quest that has honed his skills as an outdoorsman and given him a rich life pursuing his true passion predator hunting.

Born and raised on a south-central Nebraska farm, Les experienced nature first-hand. Before he could drive, he was hunting with his trusty .410 single-shot. Summers were spent fishing local farm ponds and running bank lines on nearby rivers. However, it was winter that fueled his fire. Trapping with his grandfather Herbert “Fox” Johnson introduced him to the coyote and gave shape to his passion, his quest to best the cunning coyote – the Predator Quest.

While attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln pursuing a degree in Animal Science, a good friend asked Les what his goal in life was. His reply? “I want to be one of the best coyote callers in the world.”

With that goal firmly in his sights, he was soon standing in the winner’s circle, securing the Triple Crown Championship of coyote calling in 1999. As the first and only coyote caller to win all three major championships (Midwest, National and World Championships), let alone the first and only to win all three in the same year, Les secured his place in coyote-calling history.

From the many friendships made in the competition calling arena the idea for Les’s first coyote calling video was born. Predator Quest-Quest for Coyotes was cut in 2004, showing the predator-hunting world what Les could do outside the competition halls. The action-packed video was just the first public step in Les’s quest, but it is certainly not the last. As an ambassador of predator hunting, Les plans to bring the adrenaline-fueled excitement of predator hunting to the public through more videos, appearances and a television show dedicated to the Quest.



Bret Maffenbeier was born and raised in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan. From the age of 12 Bret began trapping and would walk a mile from home on the edge of town checking his line. At the age of 19 Bret shot his first called coyote and from that point he was addicted. Bret is now a pro staff for Predator Quest TV and Cabela's Canada. Come listen to Bret talk about his 2016-2017 season. He will discuss how adapting your methods will turn the hardest calling year ever, into producing fur for the sale.




Clay Roberts was born in Grenfell, Saskatchewan and raised on the family farm. Living in the country gave Clay the opportunity to experience and enjoy the outdoors on a daily basis.  Clay was introduced to hunting and fishing at an early age by his father Raymond and his uncle Richard, who would take him on their outdoor adventures.  Clay harvested his first whitetail deer at age 12, a memory he will never forget. Whitetail deer is still Clay's favorite animal to persue. The rush of rattling in a huge mature, rut crazed buck looking for a fight can't be explained, it has to be experienced. Clay is very fortunate to have a wonderful wife, Michelle, and two children that share his passion for the outdoors. Watch Clay's exciting hunts on The Hunting Chronicles on Wild TV.



Brett Ware is currently one of the top lure designers in the U.S. and no one has studied fish more than Brett. His research is not published due to the competitive nature of the tackle industry, but enjoys sharing his knowledge openly with fishermen. His expertise lies in the vision and vibration senses. He is a mechanical engineer and certified vibration expert, which has played a great tool for discovering and inventing the “ultimate vision.” Nano-Infused Polymerization (NIP) technology is an ultraviolet (UV) vision enhancer that is focused on the wavelength of light that fish use the most to search out there prey, but this is transparent to the human eye. So what does that really mean to fishermen?  UV light reflects off of bait fish such as shiners, shads & craws, the natural food source fish feed on. Brett discovered the correlation between the two and has put that same uv light reflectiveness into Tightines UV Lures. Fish bite on site! Brett holds the patents on UV colors in fishing lures. He is the president of Tightlines UV Lure Company, which manufactures 100% of their products in the U.S. and is based Maryville, Missouri. Brett's new “Whisker Baits” were the number one new fishing baits sold in 2016. And it all started out of a garage. Seminar Topic: Hot New Tackle Tactics..Fish Rarely BITE What They Don't SEE!


Ray Hesterman may be the oldest member of The Hunting Chronicles team but he is young at heart. Ray has a passion for the outdoors and was raised in a hunting and fishing environment. Today, Ray carries on that tradition with own son as well as in his support of many different causes and charities. Viewers of The Hunting Chronicles enjoy Ray's great eye for the camera and meticulous work to get the right angle and shots. Ray has been fortunate to harvest some great trophies over the years with his bow, including this Boone and Crockett cougar from Idaho.


Todd Longley is one of Manitobia's premier professinoal multi-species anglers. Her has devoted countless hours not only to understanding the various species that inhabit Manitoba waterways, but also to the promotion and conservation of it’s incredible fisheries.  Through his career his has introduced 1,000s of people to the pleasures of recreational fishing, showing them where to find what species, how to successfully catch them, how to keep a few for delicious meals, and return the rest safely to the water. Todd’s dedication both to recreational fishing and to the conservation of those fisheries has made him a popular guest on TV and radio programs as well as one of the most sought after seminar presenters here in Canada.  Given his wealth of catfishing experience – Todd founded the City Cats Multi-Species Guiding Service in 1999 www.citycats.ca, Todd will be presenting seminars on how to catch the Channel Catfish that have made their way in to the Qu’Appelle Lakes.  His seminars will focus not only on what techniques and equipment is required to be successful, but also where to look and how to handle these extraordinary fish when you successfully land one.